Don't Get Left Behind: Signs You Need New Web Design

29 November 2021
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If you own a business and you rely on your online customers, you can't afford to have a poorly designed website. Unfortunately, if you've designed your own website or your website hasn't been redesigned in a few years, you could be putting yourself at risk for some serious problems. That's where web design comes into the picture. If your current web design is no longer working for you, it's time for a change. If you're not sure that you need an update to your web design, read the information provided below. If you recognize any of those issues, it's time to invest in a new design for your website. 

Your Visitors Don't Stick Around

If you get a lot of action on the first page of your website but no one seems to stick around long enough to actually browse, it's time for an update. Customers want a website that's going to engage them on every level. That means you need to have a design that encourages exploration. Your website might have done that when it was new, but times have changed. The same old design may no longer be profiting your business. To make sure that people explore beyond the first page of your website, invest in an all-new web design. 

You Don't Offer Mobile Access

If your original web design didn't include mobile access, it's time for an upgrade. You might not realize this, but lack of mobile access could be interfering with the success of your business. That's because most consumers rely on mobile access, especially when they're conducting business. To make sure that you can compete in today's market, you need to have your website redesigned to allow for mobile access. 

You've Got a Lot of Lag Time

If your website looks great but there's a lot of lag time, you need a new design. When consumers visit a website, they want to know that they can access each page quickly and smoothly. Unfortunately, if your website has a slow response time, your customers might not stay long enough to enjoy the information you have to offer. Make sure you're not losing customers to slow response time. Have your website redesigned as soon as possible. 

Your Branding Isn't Obvious

If you had your website designed before branding was an issue, you might not be sending the right message. For maximum success, your website should promote your brand on every page. The best way to ensure that is to have your website redesigned with your brand in mind. Once your brand is the focus of your website, your message will be more effective.

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