How a Professional Marketing Firm Can Improve Your Website

6 July 2021
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Does your company have a website or an online sales portal but you feel you aren't bringing in the sales numbers you desire or expect? An effective sales or brand website is more than just an online shopping cart and some product listings. If you want to convert casual browsing into new customers, you'll have to step up your game. That's why you should hire a professional online marketing team to assist you with re-building or re-branding your website.

Whether you want your site to match the Storybrand website examples you've seen online or website examples from another leading marketing firm, here's how an online marketing pro can help you transform your website.

Grab Attention with an Engaging Story Instead of a Boring Description

When someone arrives at your homepage, you have a limited amount of time to pull them in. If your website homepage starts out with a generic description of your company or a bullet point list of your products that seems rather dry, it's unlikely that website visitor is going to stick around for long. What the best online marketing firms do Is create a dynamic and interesting homepage that will pull the viewer in from that first click. Tell the customer a story about how your company or product has helped others just like them. Pique their interest by showing you are exactly what they are looking for. Only then can you move on to dishing out the product specifics.

Show How Your Products Fulfill Specific Needs

Some customers may care how much RAM is in a computer or how much horsepower a car is capable of, but for the most part, the average customer wants to know how your product or service will meet their specific needs more than they need to know about the specific statistics. An online marketing firm can help you determine your target audience. They, they'll help you convey your message through a story that will demonstrate that your company can best meet the customer's specific needs.

Steer Your Customers Towards the "Buy" Button

Your new website has done its job and hooked the customer, and now they are looking to get more information or to move directly to the "buy now" button. When the customer is ready to buy, they should have a clear path forward with your website making the process as easy as possible, eliminating any potholes or opportunities to get tripped up along the way. Your marketing firm will take a look at your site's design and streamline this process to get your potential buyers to the order page sooner.

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