4 Technical Ways To Improve The SEO On Your Small Business Website

15 September 2020
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Search engine optimization is a very wide field. When it comes to optimizing your website as a small business, it is important to not only focus on the more visible part of SEO, such as creating engaging web content, but to take some time to improve the technical structure of your site as well.

Technical Way #1: Get Rid of Pages that Don't Get Traffic

When it comes to search engine rankings, the traffic to all of your pages matter. If you have a lot of pages that hardly get any traffic, those low-traffic pages could actually be pulling down the ranking of your entire site.

Run analysis and figure out what pages on your site don't get any traffic and get rid of those pages unless they are necessary, such as a privacy policy. Pages that don't get any traffic will pull down the performance of pages that do get traffic. Your website is better off without pages that no one visits.

Technical Way #2: Fix the Links on Your Website

Next, you need to review all the links on your website. Make sure that the links still work. Then, evaluate the quality of the link. Is the link sending the reader to a site that is providing relevant and up-to-date information? Or is the link sending the reader to a site that is providing outdated information or is from a site with questionable authority?

If the link isn't sending readers to a useful site, remove the link or add a new one to a site with more authority.

Technical Way #3: Update the Alt Text for Your Images

When you upload images to a website, there is an "alt text" section that is next to the image. Many people forget to fill out this information. The alt text allows you to give a description of the image. The alt text is designed to allow people with visual impairing who are using accessibility tools to have the image "read" to them. Additionally, the alt text provides written information about the image to search engines.

Filling out this information for all the images on your website can help your website perform better.

Technical Way #4: Submit a Sitemap

Finally, once you have updated your site, you are going to want to submit a sitemap to Google. You can do this via the Google Search Console, which is a free tool that you don't have to pay to access. The Google Search Console helps businesses to manage their online presences and helps to ensure that your site is crawled over by Google, which will help your rankings.

Take some time to take care of the technical backside of the SEO side of your business. If you need additional help, reach out to an SEO company.