5 Types Of Digital Marketing You Should Consider

21 December 2019
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Doing digital marketing in the modern era means a lot more than building a website. If you're not sure which digital marketing solutions in today's environment will benefit you, consider this list of 5 that are worthy of your consideration.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is about building up a social media presence for an individual or organization. In addition to platforms you might expect, such as Facebook and Twitter, you may also want to consider looking at outlets like Instagram for lifestyle branding, LinkedIn for developing a professional brand, and Reddit for direct engagement.

The goal of social media marketing is to produce interesting and engaging content on a daily basis. Focus on what your audience is sharing, rather than trying to shoehorn your brand into a campaign.

Also, take social media very seriously as a point of contact for dealing with customer service issues and product complaints. Everyone is watching how you treat their fellow followers.

Email Marketing

Gathering a good mailing list is worth its weight in gold. This can be done by using landing pages, coupons, and affiliate codes. You also can seek emails during sign-ups and through checkout processes.

A good email campaign should be narrowly focused on content that drives traffic and engagements. Retailers, for example, should focus on sales and occasional bits about how to use products.

Mobile Phone Marketing

Increasingly, mobile phone detection is becoming a sales-driver. The idea here is to detect potential customers when they're in the vicinity. A grocery store, for example, might send a coupon code to someone who is within one mile of the shopping complex where it's located. Be absolutely sure, though, that anything you send a customer is immediately actionable.

Search Engine Marketing and SEO

The goal here is to tightly design your website to be appealing to search engines, especially Google. This involves creating useful content, developing keywords and tweaking the site to load fast and be responsive on an array of platforms.

Content Marketing

At some point, every website owner has been told to build a blog. That's great, but what should it be filled with?

The answer is content. Focus on building your organization up as a source of expert advice. An auto body shop, for example, might publish a blog article about the process of filing an insurance claim. All content produced should help the consumer understand how to better make use of your products and services.