The E-Signature Form: Creating And Using A Secure Document

23 February 2019
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These days everyone from the IRS to credit card companies are using "e-signature" forms. These electronic signature forms allow people to sign important documents without having to leave their desk chairs at home or at work. If you are thinking about creating and using an e-signature form, there are a few things you need to do. 

​Making It Secure

​The biggest challenge faced by the e-document signature is the fact that signatures can be copied or initialing forms can be duplicated, resulting in identity theft, fraud schemes, etc. You have to make the form as secure as possible, and that requires multiple firewalls and security measures every time consumers or clients download and open the form. One way you could make it secure is to place the form on a limited time. Clients/consumers may have only five to ten minutes to fill out the form and e-sign it before the form times out and is auto-erased. In this manner, your clients/consumers will know that their information is protected and that their signature cannot be captured before submission of the form. 

​Making It Impossible to Copy and Paste

​Another option is to make it impossible to copy and paste the spaces where your clients/consumers initial or sign with either their name or with a number provided exclusively to their document. When these areas cannot be copied, captured, or pasted, it is impossible for their initials, signature, or ID number to be reproduced on any other electronic document. For some clients/consumers who love to just copy and paste their initials in given boxes repeatedly, this may be frustrating, but they will understand that not being able to do that protects their information and their identities. 

​Using Document Generation Software

​Another thing you need to know and do is to use document generating software. This software, specially designed to create documents with spaces for e-signatures, can help you customize the document with any safety and security features you want to incorporate. This electronic signature form creation software is most often offered by online marketing companies looking to help you and companies like yours make business operations simpler and easier. If you are not sure how to use the software, or if you would like additional help in creating the forms you want, call and talk to the online marketing company representatives. 

To learn more about e-signature forms and how they can benefit your company, contact a company that offers electronic signature form creation services.