3 SEO Tips For Medical Facilities

27 April 2018
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Medical facilities, such as doctors' offices and hospitals, can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO) just as much as other businesses. When you are considering revamping your website, there are certain features you should incorporate.

Provide Information

Many people who are searching for a doctor or other healthcare provider have a specific medical need. Your facility is more likely to show up in their search results if you can provide people with valuable information related to their medical condition. Medical practices within a specialty frequently include articles that discuss a range of healthcare topics and conditions they see in their office.

If your facility offers a broad range of services, such as a hospital or general practice, you can usually formulate an unlimited number of articles that discuss anything from symptoms that warrant a visit to the doctor or hospital to chronic disease management. At the conclusion of each piece of content, you should provide a call to action that encourages visitors to make an appointment with your office or seek care at your facility.

Incorporate Location-Based Strategies

Since people usually search for doctors and hospitals based on their location, it is important to include as much location-based information as possible so you appear in relevant searches.

One method is to have an entry in the business directory for search engines. When someone searches for doctors in a location, your directory listing should appear at the top. The person searching for this information should be able to click on the directory listing and have information on the doctors at the facility, hours, contact information, and a link to your website.

To help with location-based information, your website should contain similar mentions of your contact information. Many facilities use keywords to help with searches by strategically including the name of a city and/or state in their content.

Add Relevant Educational Information

Searching for information from a patient perspective is not the only audience you might want to capture. Many medical facilities also provide information on educational resources, such as programs in the allied health industry, medical school, or residency training.

If your facility participates in medical education programs, use this information as a way to increase your ranking for specific searches. People who are curious about jobs in allied health and those who want to pursue education to become a physician will likely search for educational programs and want to know about the curriculum, faculty, and the application process.

Providingng significant information online regarding pay for residents, clinical rotations, and other valuable information can also be useful when you want attract talented applicants to your programs.

Incorporating medical information on your website is the first step in boosting your search engine rankings as a medical facility. Depending on the type of services you offer, the more you can include relevant information, the better your overall SEO strategy. If you need help, contact an agency that offers medical industry SEO services.