Two Tips To Help Optimize Your Wordpress Website

12 April 2018
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Building a Wordpress website is a great way for nearly anyone with little to no experience in site building to market their business online. The Wordpress platform is very user-friendly and intuitive so it's quite easy to get started and introduce yourself to the virtual world. After you've created your website you might find that it just isn't performing the way that you need it to. There seem to be some glitches that are messing up your website and that could possibly be driving people away from your page. Keep reading to learn about a few tips that can help you get the optimal performance out of your Wordpress site.

Use Adaptive Design Images

The pictures that you choose to put on your website play a huge role in determining how the entire site performs. You should always strive to use adaptive design images on your website. It's the best way to ensure that the viewer is getting the optimal experience as they view your page.

Adaptive images do just what the name implies:  They adapt. There are some images out there that will really only show up on a desktop computer or a laptop. Someone who is trying to view the page on their mobile phone or a tablet might get frustrated because the images you're using are too large for their screen. This frustration could make them give up and move on to another virtual vendor.

Wordpress usually has a good number of adaptive images that you can choose from. If you're not able to find what you need in their stockpile use a search engine and put in a query such as "adaptive design images". You should be able to find some great pictures by doing this.

Keep The Plug-Ins To A Minimum

Plug-ins can really make it difficult for people to zip through the pages on your website. They can be annoying because some plug-ins come with a built-in prompt that pops up each time the viewer goes to another page. Do everything in your power to keep those plug-ins to a minimum. Only use the ones that you absolutely can't do without. This should solve any issues that you may have been having with loading and lagging.

Wordpress optimization for your website is a surefire way to start bringing in the Internet traffic. Start with these tips and see if they don't help you create an incredible website.